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Apparel Design Projects

What started as a mere fantastical dream has recently turned into a reality as my career flipped 180. Here are some of the works I've done since then.

Vicky SFD4.jpg

Black and White 3-Piece Outfit

Combining conventional elegance with sportswear, I designed a black bra and skirt combination along with a double-corded nylon ribstop jacket.


Black and White Geometric Outfit

Using only geometrically-shaped pattern pieces (in this case, rectangles and squares), a two-piece crop top and skirt garment was created.

Vicky SFD3.jpg

Modular Element Design

With no stitching or threads of any kind, this shawl was made purely by laser cutting sheets of felt into smaller geometric shapes that interlock with each other. The design of the pieces were original and made in Adobe Illustrator.

Swimsuit + Coverup

The swimsuit was a remake of an existing suit I used to train in and the cover-up was inspired by the kimono, specifically the yukata, style.


Final Frontier Design Internship:

High compression / Anti-gravity pants

This internship was done remotely where I received materials and followed the tech pack instructions to make high compression pants at home. These pants designed for fighter jet pilots and patients who require greater blood flow in the legs. 



I challenged myself in this design to include pleats and to work with technical fabrics, both of which were treated with coatings and/or water-repellent film.


Laser Cut Sportswear

Inspired by competitive swimmers and their warm ups on deck, I wanted to create casual athletic wear that was comfortable, easy to move in while also incorporating a laser cutting technique to make the design slightly more revealing

More details of this project HERE



First time making a yukata! This was a side assignment that turned into a really fun garment to appreciate in terms of the design and construction process as well as the functionality behind some of the design aspects.


First ever camisole - a study of various knitwear construction techniques. Includes a shelf bra and and elastic straps


(Virtual) Fashion Show

Outfit 1

My first feature in a (virtual) fashion show. Practiced the technique of making a bustier dress with boning at the major seams.

(Virtual) Fashion Show

Outfit 2

My first feature in a (virtual) fashion show. Practiced the technique of making pants, ruching in the bodice, and transparent panels in the back of the crop top.


First Body Suit (muslin)

A study of knitwear properties along the whole body and construction techniques.

Baby Hat

First baby hat - another study of various knitwear construction techniques. Soft and comfortable.



This was the first time I upcycled some old drapes and turned them into a pair of aprons, made as a gift.


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