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Metallic Structure

Engineering Projects

This is a series of projects that I have completed as both an engineering student and part-time intern. These projects vary greatly between technical, analytical and generally theoretical.



Textile Resistance to Mosquito Proboscis

My Master's Thesis was a study proposing an effective test method with potential to rapidly test for insect bite resistance - primarily by mosquitos - in fabrics used in high-volume production of PPE, utility uniforms, and activewear


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Quick presentation also available HERE


Wobbly Salt'n'Pepper Shaker

Our team designed wobbly salt and pepper shakers right from the original CAD Design to the quality test plans to the mass manufacturing cost estimates to the packaging.


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final product.png


Passive Solar Distillation System

A passive solar distillation system incorporating evacuated tubes that can heat water to boiling point from solar energy and then collect the resulting condensation.

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CAD Practice: Hand Drill

Disassembling an electric hand drill and simulating the gear assembly and mechanism using 3D CAD (Creo Parametric).

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